6D Tape er ny leverandør

Handletape for physiotherapy and lymphatherapy

Efficient method for speeding up recovery and a muscle and joint pain relief that you can also use at home after physiotherapeutic treatments

The 6D Tape physiotherapeutic handletape is designed for physio- and lymphatic therapy, as well as self-administered care. In addition to physio- and lymphatic therapy, it can also be combined with massage- and fascial therapy techniques. Activating the lymphatic system and generating an increase in circulation with the 6D Tape -method used as active self-administered care speed up the healing process after and in between treatments done by professionals.

Its versatile: the same method can be used for overuse injuries, reducing swelling, fascial stretching or stretch mark removal

The 6D Tape method can be used for muscle pain relief or joint relief in any part of the body. You can use it for treating overuse injuries, such as golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome. If you need to reduce swelling, you can use 6D Tape for decreasing the amount of excess fluid in the tissue by activating the lymphatic system of the treated area with the 6D Tape -handles. 6D Tape can also be used to treat scar tissue especially after surgical operations or for diminishing stretch marks. In addition, you can use it to release fascial tension.

Lift, twist, spin, stretch and push – and it stays on your skin for up to ten days

What makes 6D Tape different in comparison with kinesiologic tapes? The unique handles enable the therapist or the patient to mobilize the tissue in six dimensions. With the handles you can lift, twist, spin, stretch and push the tissue. You can keep 6D Tape on the skin for up to ten days and take a shower, swim or go to a sauna with it.

There are also other ways 6D Tape differs from kinesiologic tapes. You must not stretch 6D Tape before it is placed on to the skin.