DVD - McGill: The Ultimate Back - Assesment and Therapeutic

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This companion DVD illustrates the original techniques documented in Dr. McGill’s textbooks.

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Using real clinic settings and patients, McGill shows some assessment skills to determine specific intolerances and some therapeutic options for different people/approaches.
This is followed with the subtle exercise techniques that enable the painful back to engage in the appropriate corrective exercise and then progress to stabilization/mobilization, and endurance training.
As with all of Dr. McGill’s material, it is evidence based and practiced by some of the top clinicians dealing with very failed backs, through to some of the best athletes around the world.

New for the second edition is more explanation and demonstration of provocative testing technique together with mechanisms of pain and pain reduction.

DVD is recorded in world-wide format.
Length: 3 disc set
Run Time: approximately 2.6 hours


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