G5 Hode - Buet m/gummi svamp

kr 725 eks. mva.

G5 Hode - Buet m/gummi svamp

kr 725 eks. mva.

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The AP230 is a curved, flexible sponge applicator includes 5 soft micro fibre
covers ( which help to avoid any risk of cross- infections between clients) and is
probably one of our most popular applicators because it is ideal for many massage


Often used for general body massage and especially good over the
shoulder , back , buttocks and legs areas . Because this applicator is so versatile
means that you do not have to change applicators too often !
Special Note : By adding the percussion adaptor AP 209 FR, the curved
applicator is very effective for lymphatic drainage of the legs.
Recommended Frequency 10/ 30 Hz.


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