Liebenson: Rehabilitation Of The Spine 2nd Edition

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Liebenson: Rehabilitation Of The Spine 2nd Edition

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Section I: Basic Science
1. The Biopsychosocial Model
2. Spinal Stability: Mechanism of Injury and Restabilization
3. Where is the pain coming from?
4. Exercise Science Principles
5. The Functional Pathology of the Motor System

Section II: Assessment
6. Diagnostic Triage: History, Examination & Special Tests
7. Physical Examination of the Muscular System
8. Outcomes Management
9. Assessment of Psycho-social Factors Pain Patients
10. Quantitative Physical Performance Evaluation
11. Quantitative Functional Capacity Evaluation of the Spine Pain Patient
12. Pre-employment Screening and Functional Capacity Evaluation for Determining Safe Return to Work
13. Decision Making in Clinical Assessment of the Pain Patient: Integrating Functional and Pathoanatomic Approaches

Section III: Acute Care Management
14. Patient Reactivation
15. The McKenzie Approach for Acute Pain Relief
16. Biopsychosocial Reactivation of the Acute Pain Patient
17. Brügger Methods in Postural Centration
18. Soft Tissue Manipulation Techniques
19. Post-isometric Relaxation Techniques
20. Neuromobilization Techniques
21. Manipulation Techniques for Key Joints

Section IV: Recovery Care Management
22. Integration and Selection of Rehabilitation Techniques
23. Sensory-motor Training
24. Segmental (local) Spinal Stabilization Training
25. Functional Spine (neck & low back) Stabilization Training for Activities of Daily Living
26. Global Muscle Stabilization Training
27. Advanced Weight Training Approaches From a Stability Perspective
28. Facilitation of Agonist-Antagonist Co-activation by Reflex Stimulation Methods
29. Yoga Exercises
30. The Biobehavorial Approach

Section V: Regional Application
31. An Integrated Approach to Regional Disorders – Liebenson
32. Managing Common Syndromes and Finding the Key Link
33. The Lower Quarter
34. The Lumbar Spine & Pelvis
35. The Thoracic Spine & Rib Cage
36. The Cervical Spine & Orofacial Region
37. The Upper Quarter

Section VI: Pain, Suffering & Disability
38. The Practitioner’s Role
39. Core Competencies for Conservative Care Specialists Working as Part of a Multidisciplinary Team
40. From Guidelines to Practice: What is the Practitioner’s Role


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