McGil: Low Back Disorders

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McGil: Low Back Disorders

kr 990

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Get the latest information on evidence-based prevention and rehabilitation approaches and learn how to apply the principles in industry, sport and everyday settings.


Low Back Disorders: Evidence-Based Prevention and Rehabilitation provides professionals with the foundation to make the best clinical decisions.
Sections on the foundation (how the back works and becomes injured), back injury prevention, patient assessment, and rehabilitation will build your understanding behind the practices so that you can use them effectively with clients.

The book provides the evidence to dispel the myths regarding such issues as stabilization exercises and various prevention approaches. With Low Back Disorders, you will:

Gain valuable information on back loading during specific activities and apply it to avoid common – but counterproductive – practices in back rehab;
Learn how to better assess patients and clients to tailor treatments and prevention to their individual needs for better efficacy;
Acquire the necessary information to prescribe effective therapeutic exercise clearly and easily.


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