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Opti-Ice Cold Therapy

8 quart capacity
External console and thermometer to monitor water temperature
Lid can be locked and sealed with handle up or down
Lid liner foam surrounds circumference of inner lid to prevent leaking
and keep water cold longer
Fill line is molded inside the cooler for accurate, mistake-proof filling
Internally mounted motor for better protection and ease of use
220V model includes universal adapter plug to fit electrical sockets

Motorized continuous flow semi-closed loop system provides up to 8
hours of cold therapy relief. Great for pain relief and swelling.

Semi-Closed vs Restricted Flow:
Opti-Ice utilizes a semi-closed loop system that allows warm water to re-circulate, at a constant
flow rate, with cooler water providing consistent cold distribution throughout the pad (± 2°). The
patented system provides safe and effective continuous cold therapy while preventing freezing
inlet temperatures from occurring.
Competitive versions restrict (pinch) the flow of water entering the pad, which causes varying
flow rates and inconsistent pad temperatures (±12°). Water leaving the pad doesn’t re-circulate
with water leaving the cooler, which allows freezing inlet temperatures to reach the pad.


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