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The New Laser Therapy Handbook

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Jan Tunér is a dentist in private practise, working with lasers since 1986. He is a board member of the World Association for Laser Therapy. Lars Hode is a physicist, specialised in medical laser applications and working with laser therapy since 1985. He is the president and founder of the Swedish Laser-Medical Society. «The Laser Therapy Handbook» was the best selling book in this field but was sold out in the winter of 2010. Now Prima Books is offering an updated version with some 700 new references and 250 new pages – and in colour. The soft cover approach is maintained to keep the price down. The scientific documentation about the effects of Laser Phototherapy is rapidly increasing, with some 250 new scientific papers published annually on PubMed. There was therefore a need for an updated version of this popular book.


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